Dominica: a beautifully kept secret in the Caribbean

{Photo of Calibishie by C Squared}

It was pretty cool to discover an article on Dominica in yesterdays Lexington Herald-Leader:

“The bright spot was my final destination: the beautiful island of Dominica. Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, Dominica (pronounced DOM-i-NEE-ka) lies between the islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe in the southern Caribbean.  Of the 103 countries I have visited, this is one of the most beautiful.”  -Patti Nickell

In five days, travel writer Patti Nickell explored a good portion of the island and went to many awesome spots, places that Charlie and I would definitely take visiting family and friends or recommend to visitors.  It was fun to read about our island home and some of our favorite places here.  The article also just gives a really nice overview of what Dominica is like and how beautiful it is.  You can check out the article in its entirety here.


10 Days In Dominica: Day 8

Does your spouse like it here?

Why, yes.  Yes he does.  Although Charlie spends most of his time studying, he loves the island and all the adventures it has to offer.  He loves all the hiking and swimming.  He’s a beach guy at heart, so when he has the chance to enjoy Dominica, he feels right at home.  When he’s not busy studying all of this…

He loves doing things like this…

And this…

And this…

I know Charlie is looking forward to spending more time enjoying the island {and some time with me!} after his test on Tuesday.  We’re planning for a fun afternoon together — an outdoor adventure of some sort, followed by a lobster dinner at Sunset Bay.  Can’t wait!!!

10 Days In Dominica: Day 4

Day 4: What has been your favorite trip?

There have been so many good ones, but I think that my all-time favorite trip has been the Seven Waterfalls hike, which I have been on twice so far, once each semester, and I hope to continue the trend!  This five-hour hike is difficult and is the perfect combination of difficulty,  astonishing beauty, adrenaline-pumping jumps into waterfalls, and refreshing icy swims in the waterfalls pools.  I know I’ve mentioned the hike before, but I absolutely love it.  When you finish, you are exhausted, but so proud of how far you’ve hiked, trekked, and adventured.

The fact that you see seven “official” waterfalls, plus several more if it has rained recently is just awesome.  Swimming in the waterfalls is the best part of all, and you can swim in about five of them.

What is really cool is how different the same waterfall can look, just a few months later, based on the weather and amount of rainfall.  Check out the photos below of the same waterfall, taken in February (during the dry season), and in June (during the rainy season).

The waterfall was so much bigger in June, that looking back at my photos from my first trip, I had a difficult time matching up the two.

Although I’ve been lucky enough to go on this trip twice (once with strangers, once with friends), I am still dying to do this hike with Charlie.  He’s also been wanting to go on this adventure, so we’re hoping to make it happen this semester… we’ll keep you posted!

the past two months in photos