I came home from spinning class yesterday to the news from Charlie that “something really sad had happened.”  I tensed up anxiously but luckily was relieved to discover that it was nothing too serious — only that our french press unfortunately cracked all the way from top to bottom, rendering it useless at the worst possible time, 4 days before exams, a time when coffee is one of Charlie’s highest priorities.  I was a little worried for his sanity/caffeine withdrawal/energy level since you can’t just go out and pick up a new coffee maker around here.

Well, it just so happens that the very next afternoon and was perusing through some blogs I hadn’t checked out in awhile,  and what do you know, I read a post that solved our problem: how to make individual coffee bags.  I learned that using coffee filters, thread/dental floss, and ground coffee, I can get a little crafty and make individual coffee bags which can be used like tea bags to brew individual cups of coffee.  Genius, perfect timing, and life saving!!!!  Problem solved!!! Phew.


Our Guilty Pleasure

At home, I am a sucker for Starbucks.  Specifically a grande, nonfat chai.  I love them.  This was especially dangerous when I lived on Hanover with Starbucks right around the corner… luckily I always had a few gift cards from my cuties at school to subsidize my addiction.  Here, there’s no Starbucks.  There is a coffee place called Rituals which is good, and while their chai latte is tasty, it’s just not the same.  So, I have discovered my new, latest and greatest guilty pleasure here in Dominica, at the Shacks, from the Juice Man: a low fat iced coffee with a little bit of chocolate.  I don’t know how they make it, but man is it good.  I also am a sucker for their juice: you can get passion fruit/mango/orange/grapefruit/guava juice alone or mixed in any delicious combination you fancy (Charlie loves to mix passion fruit and grapefruit; I prefer passion fruit and orange or orange and guava).  I love it.  Charlie does, too!

The Juice Man's Shack

Get your coffee or juice and enjoy it on the beach (campus is right on the beach!!!!!).

Juice + Beach + World's Best Wife = Perfect Study Break

This is heaven!