Things We Love

  • Caribbean Vacations.  More specifically, our recent vacation to the tiny island of Canouan in the Grenadines.

  • Hotel upgrades from a beachfront room to a beachfront suite.  Yes, please.

  • The Jaden Sun, the “fast ferry,” that we took from St. Vincent to Canouan.  Fast, air conditioned and nicer than an airplane.
  • The fresh coconut water we just had with breakfast from the freshly picked jelly coconut our landlord just gave us.  Thank you, Mrs. Coll!

Pre-exam study zone.

  • Charlie’s hard work paying off and moving right along to semester 3, but not before a well-deserved break.
  • Relaxed Charlie.
  • My fabulous island friend, Katie, who designed this blog’s fabulous new header and created the awesome C Squared button at the bottom of the page.  Isn’t she talented?
  • Mail from friends and family.  We love emails and comments on our blog, too.  Thanks for making us feel so loved!  We love you, too!
  • Seeing our cutie pie little puppy this morning (the one we found a home for).  Her owner’s boyfriend lives next door, and she’s hanging out on the porch there this morning.  She is getting big and healthy and is still as sweet as ever.  Plus she has a new gigantic Rottweiler best friend and that makes me smile.
  • Doctors who help me treat my ringworm (not actually a worm).  (Even if they are grouchy and even if it requires getting 3 vials of blood drawn and tested to make sure that I don’t have liver or kidney problems so that I can take the very intense oral anti-fungal medicine.)

Read the bottom row! (Click for a close-up view!)

  •  The September issue of Town & Country Magazine called Sewanee “the new Hogwarts.”  I love Sewanee!  I love Hogwarts!  I love that Sewanee is the new Hogwarts!!!

  • Caribbean beer.  Each island brews their own.  Dominica: Kubuli.  Bahamas: Sands and Kalik.  St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Hairoun.
  • Hilarious people.  Last week I was walking down the road wearing as the friendly trash men were hard at work.  I happened to be wearing a bright green dress.  “Hello Green Lady,” one of the men said.   “How are you today?”  I responded, “I’m fine, thank you, how are you?”  The guy’s response was classic — he gave me a huge gappy smile and said, “Not as good as Green Lady.”  Goodbye trash men.  Goodbye Green Lady.

C Squared cliff jumping at Bense Pool.

  • Living on the nature island of Dominica.  Where else do you get to spend an afternoon with your husband and friends doing stuff like this?


the past two months in photos

Our Guilty Pleasure

At home, I am a sucker for Starbucks.  Specifically a grande, nonfat chai.  I love them.  This was especially dangerous when I lived on Hanover with Starbucks right around the corner… luckily I always had a few gift cards from my cuties at school to subsidize my addiction.  Here, there’s no Starbucks.  There is a coffee place called Rituals which is good, and while their chai latte is tasty, it’s just not the same.  So, I have discovered my new, latest and greatest guilty pleasure here in Dominica, at the Shacks, from the Juice Man: a low fat iced coffee with a little bit of chocolate.  I don’t know how they make it, but man is it good.  I also am a sucker for their juice: you can get passion fruit/mango/orange/grapefruit/guava juice alone or mixed in any delicious combination you fancy (Charlie loves to mix passion fruit and grapefruit; I prefer passion fruit and orange or orange and guava).  I love it.  Charlie does, too!

The Juice Man's Shack

Get your coffee or juice and enjoy it on the beach (campus is right on the beach!!!!!).

Juice + Beach + World's Best Wife = Perfect Study Break

This is heaven!

Yoga & Apartment Tour

Seaside Deck where yoga classes are held!

Charlie’s first week of classes are under way, I am reading my 3rd book, our barrels are here and unpacked, and we have really started settling in.  Tonight Charlie and I went to yoga class which was one of the coolest yoga classes I have ever experienced.  Yoga class is held on the school’s seaside deck, literally towering over the ocean.  During class the sun set and the tide changed, and we stretched and bended listening to the crashing waves and chirping crickets, with a view of the moon, stars and clouds overhead.  Pretty amazing.  We left class relaxed and rejuvenated, and hiked up the hill towards our apartment, where we made a pit stop along the way at a delicious restaurant called The Tomato.  The food was great, and now we are about to begin our evening routines — Charlie will study and I will read, play on the computer, and watch TV.

Also, here is a link to a video of our apartment so you can see where we live: Apartment Tour.  If you are hungry for more, we have some photos of from the trip we took on Sunday — a day long island tour, where we hiked up to twin waterfalls (Trafalgar Falls) and swam in the pools, saw the town of Roseau and its botanical gardens, and finally visited Scott’s Head, a site at then end of the island where you can dip your feet in the Atlantic Ocean, and then walk 30 feet to swim and snorkel in the Caribbean Sea.  We did it all — such a cool day!  Island Tour Photos

Bon soir!