Au Revoir!

It’s been a fun couple of weeks back in the ‘mond.  I’ve loved hanging out with my mom and sisters, and catching up with family and friends.  Many good laughs and good meals have been had!  Obviously, I did a little shopping.  Watched some movies.  Drove a car.  Wore winter clothes and socks.  Got a real haircut.  And a facial.  I did not cook anything or do a single dish by hand.  It was heaven!

And now, it’s time to head back to Dominica, to Charlie, and to warm weather.  Au revoir mes amis!  See you in August!


An afternoon at the Museum

Today I spent a fun afternoon at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts here in Richmond with my mom and sister, Margaret.  We checked out some modern art, had an awesome lunch upstairs at Amuse, and saw the mummy exhibit and mummy movie.  (For the record, Mom thinks that the mummy used to be good-looking.)  It was some good, educational, and entertaining time with the fam.

Mom and Marge at the museum.

A preview of these two in Rome...

Creepy gift shop fun!

Gift shop fun, Take 2. Less creepy.

Me with Mom and Margaret in front of a Sol LeWitt sculpture. (Frannie, we missed you today!)

Thanks, Mom, for a fun afternoon!!!  I’m loving being home!



Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. But that’s because I literally have been MIA: Missing and In America, to be exact.  I’m home for a few weeks, visiting my mom and sisters, catching up with friends and family, and wearing winter coats and gloves.  In fact, the main reason I’m home is to spend some time with my sisters before they head off on their own exotic adventures in about a week.  They’ll be in Guyana and Italy!  {More on that and the coolness they have in store for them soon!}  Meanwhile, I have a few days left here in Virginia to enjoy the good ole USA!