{Aren't my sisters cute? We were testing the timer on my camera and, well... all we caught was all this attitude, both hands on hips and all! I'm loving Frannie's high bun!}

I loved my visit to America, but there is something that is so nice about being back in Dominica.  After living here for over a year, Dominica
really does feel like our home.

Not much is new around here.  Last week we geared up for In.Light.In and started the program for the semester, and Charlie is in serious study mode preparing for Monday’s Mini.  Back In November, I also started a nice little job  writing articles for the school newsletter, so lately I have been busy interviewing and writing.  Charlie is currently in his fourth semester here, but fifth semester is a huge transition time at Ross, so this week there have been a ton of meetings about what comes next, so all those have kept our heads spinning.  More on all that soon.  I’m also way behind on photos, as usual, from home and from the island, so I’ll share those soon.

Enjoy the rest of the week… the weekend is almost here!


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