Caribbean Kitchen!

I love to cook and I love to blog.  I’m sad that Katie’s “10 Days in Dominica” blogging challenge is over.  Have I mentioned how well-received the challenge was by my fellow islanders?!?  Well, in case I haven’t… it was a big hit!!!

Katie inspired me to create a kitchen and blogging challenge… Voila!

 {I’m pretty proud of these cute buttons/graphics that I made all by myself!}

Here are the details:

All the nitty gritty of the Caribbean Kitchen Challenge can be found here.

I’ll post the recipe I make using the special ingredients here on C Squared each week.  Then I’ll compile all the recipes emailed to me by fellow islanders and post a list of them (AKA, a weekly recipe roundup) on Spouses Kitchen, the island recipe/cooking blog I helped create.

Feel free to join in the fun!  The challenge begins on Monday!

P.S. — Whenever possible, I’ll try to post substitutes for some of these island ingredients in case any of you main-landers want to try out any of these recipes!  {I don’t want you feeling left out!}


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