10 Days in Dominica: Day 10

What will you miss when you leave Dominica?

Although it will be very exciting to move back to the states, there are so many things that we  will miss…

{ the laid back lifestyle }

{ the beautiful landscape }

{ the friendly people }

 {having everything we need within a 5 minute radius from our apartment:

grocery store, pharmacy, gym, school, friends’ houses… }

{ and also the fact that our walk home is a natural stair-master }

 {having the ocean and river just five minutes away }

 { the wonderful kids I’ve gotten to know through

In.Light.In, CALLS, and the Women’s Center }

{ being a quick plane ride away from so many other island paradises }

 { fabulous friends and getting to see them almost daily }

{ not rushing around everywhere and having time to relax }

{ free gym membership and free, amazing yoga classes

with the best view ever }

 {all the delicious, fresh, local food and produce }

{ going all out for island birthdays }

{ beautiful island sunsets viewed from our porch }

{ feasting on freshly picked pineapples as big as our heads }

{ having the best porch view that

we will probably ever have in our lives }

{ all the adventures waiting for us

just steps away from our apartment }

{ In case you couldn’t tell, we love this crazy place! }


8 thoughts on “10 Days in Dominica: Day 10

  1. I know I am a baby, but I am totally bawling right now. I am going to miss this place so much, I really dont know if I can get on the plane for the last time!

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