Ecstatic about the IGA!!!

Today was miraculous.  Picard was buzzing, people were gathering in hoards, throngs, and masses, flocking towards the new green building.  Never in my life have I seen people so excited (myself included) over something like this.  WE JUST GOT A REAL GROCERY STORE!  It’s an I.G.A., and it is fabulous.  Fresh meat, produce, deli, bakery, wine, oh my!  After months and months of slow building and rumors about when it would open (originally a few a semester ago), the I.G.A. here in Picard opened this evening at 6.  My friends and I were there at 6:20.  No more long, crazy Saturdays spent grocery shopping, riding in transports for an hour each way to Roseau where would then lug our groceries (only as much as we could carry) all over town.  No more involuntary vegetarianism because we’re out of meat and I’m unable to go on the Saturday grocery trip.  No more hiring drivers to take us to Roseau to pick up groceries from each store.  Now we have a real, live grocery store, here, in the flesh, and boy is it exciting!!!  Treats I got tonight: asparagus, baked potatoes, 5 grain bread, cantaloupe, jalapenos, granny smith apples, and cookies and cream ice cream.  I’m on cloud nine!

This thread of comments between girls on the island that I just saw on Facebook will give you a glimpse of the frenzied excitement about the new I.G.A. here. (I copied and pasted from Facebook, so please pardon any wonkiness.)


Can I just say that IGA is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I hope it’s always this way! A girl can dream right?
  • Michelle likes this.
    • Kendraim sad i didnt get to go!

    • CrystalWas it better than the one in Roseau?

    • RebeccaYES, CRYSTAL!!!!

    • Megan It was AMAZING!!!

    • JamieCrystal it was FAR better than the one in Roseau!!!

    • CrystalSweet! I can’t wait to go check it out!

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    • MichelleIt had EVERYTHING (except chocolate chips… except maybe I passed over them) and things seem very decently priced too. Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • JackiThe manager in the front told me that they’re still getting lots more things, including FRESH MILK, so just be a little patient!!! 🙂

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    • MichelleMichelle- I couldn’t find chocolate chips either.

    • JamieI guess if that’s our only complaint we’re doing good!!

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    • ClareIt was so fantastic, I went 4 hours ago and am still excited!

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    • CassiSo sad that I didn’t get to go but so happy for you ladies! How much easier will life be on this island now!?

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7 thoughts on “Ecstatic about the IGA!!!

  1. So fun to read about your ecstasy over the IGA! When I go to Martins or Kroger today I’m going to remember how blessed I am!!!!

  2. Clare, why did I not know about your blog? I love this post! I’m going to go back today to really shop. Last night was just to drool at everything, can’t wait!

  3. So thrilled to hear about this development! I back your cooking will get even more exciting. Did you get my message yesterday? I was cracking up at how much Chelsea and her sisters reminded me of you guys!

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