I came home from spinning class yesterday to the news from Charlie that “something really sad had happened.”  I tensed up anxiously but luckily was relieved to discover that it was nothing too serious — only that our french press unfortunately cracked all the way from top to bottom, rendering it useless at the worst possible time, 4 days before exams, a time when coffee is one of Charlie’s highest priorities.  I was a little worried for his sanity/caffeine withdrawal/energy level since you can’t just go out and pick up a new coffee maker around here.

Well, it just so happens that the very next afternoon and was perusing through some blogs I hadn’t checked out in awhile,  and what do you know, I read a post that solved our problem: how to make individual coffee bags.  I learned that using coffee filters, thread/dental floss, and ground coffee, I can get a little crafty and make individual coffee bags which can be used like tea bags to brew individual cups of coffee.  Genius, perfect timing, and life saving!!!!  Problem solved!!! Phew.


2 thoughts on “Serendipidous!

  1. Clare, that’s genius. But if it doesn’t work out, you can always buy some VIA from Mark at Island Thrift. He charges about $1 US per packet 🙂

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