Our Guilty Pleasure

At home, I am a sucker for Starbucks.  Specifically a grande, nonfat chai.  I love them.  This was especially dangerous when I lived on Hanover with Starbucks right around the corner… luckily I always had a few gift cards from my cuties at school to subsidize my addiction.  Here, there’s no Starbucks.  There is a coffee place called Rituals which is good, and while their chai latte is tasty, it’s just not the same.  So, I have discovered my new, latest and greatest guilty pleasure here in Dominica, at the Shacks, from the Juice Man: a low fat iced coffee with a little bit of chocolate.  I don’t know how they make it, but man is it good.  I also am a sucker for their juice: you can get passion fruit/mango/orange/grapefruit/guava juice alone or mixed in any delicious combination you fancy (Charlie loves to mix passion fruit and grapefruit; I prefer passion fruit and orange or orange and guava).  I love it.  Charlie does, too!

The Juice Man's Shack

Get your coffee or juice and enjoy it on the beach (campus is right on the beach!!!!!).

Juice + Beach + World's Best Wife = Perfect Study Break

This is heaven!


2 thoughts on “Our Guilty Pleasure

  1. Clare! You are hee-larious! I love these pics! Keep them coming- I feel like I am there with you! It is all so tropical and beautiful- Katie can not get over how healthy the food is- it is like you have no choice! I am glad that you are there for Charlies study breaks- does he just babble? Haha! maybe he just sits and stares! I am thinking of you guys! I miss you. Love, Sally ps- have you seen any cute monkeys?

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